Innovative concepts, vehicles and formulations for pharmaceutical compounding that are developed by Fagron.

With over 400 pharmacists within Fagron, we are focused on providing a unique range of high-quality products based on scientific data and insights. The Fagron Brands are unique concepts developed by our R&D specialists to provide pharmacies and clients with exclusive pharmaceutical dosage forms and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We can provide solutions for all steps inside a compounding setting, either equipment, excipients, APIs, packaging, and much more.


Cleoderm™ is a topical cream designed to be used as a vehicle for the compounding of personalized dermatological treatments. Its ingredient profile was specifically designed to be gentle on the skin to allow for its use as a vehicle for compounded preparations that may be applied to the face.


DiluCap is a line of excipients specially developed so that you can compound every capsule formulation with ease and trust in its final characteristics.

Imuno TF® Complex

The Imuno TF® Complex is a blend of carefully chosen ingredients that can play a role on the regulation of the immune responses though multiple pathways, contributing to a normal function of your immune system and also, to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.


Pigmerise™ is a natural phytocomplex obtained from the black pepper fruits (Piper nigrum L.) that contains alkaloids and volatile oils for a synergistic effect in repigmentation treatment for hypopigmentation disorders such as vitiligo.


Transdermal dosage forms offer several benefits over conventional routes, such as avoiding first-pass metabolism, preventing gastrointestinal erosion caused by certain drugs, and offering a sustained release and lower fluctuations of plasma levels.

Nourisil™ MD

Nourisil™ MD is recommended as the first line therapy for both prevention and treatment of scars ang keloids. Nourisil™ MD silicone scar gel protects the scar by forming an invisible occlusive barrier, increases hydration to normalize collagen production at scar site, and alters the activation state of fibroblasts, reducing extracellular matrix synthesis.


Fagron Neogen™ is a new line of hair care with the patented TrichoTech™ technology based on plant extracts. The patented phytocomplex is associated with new hair growth by stimulation of the neogen phase, a hair growth phase where new hair is formed.


Fagron's TrichoConcept™ is the first global line of multifunctional compounding vehicles with TrichoTech™ technology, a Fagron patented phytocomplex specially developed for the use in personalized alopecia treatment.

Fagron Advanced Derma

Dermal vehicles are base creams developed for basic skincare, and individualized dermatological care and compounded pharmaceutical treatment. Fagron Advanced Derma products are pharmaceutical dermal bases that are formulated according to the latest scientific knowledge in the field of dermatology.

SyrSpend® SF

Fagron's range of oral suspending vehicles, SyrSpend® SF, offers a solution for different patient groups by providing pharmaceutical stability, dosage consistency, and patient comfort with each preparation.