TrichoConcept™ is a line of vehicles compatible with the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Dermaceutical Ingredients (DCIs) used to treat alopecia.

What is alopecia? 

Alopecia is a medical term used to describe a dermatological condition characterized by hair loss in the scalp or other areas of the body, for example beard and eyelashes. There are several possible causes of alopecia, such as genetic factors, hormonal dysregulation, auto-immune disorders, or pharmacological treatments.

For decades, research of the treatment of alopecia was focused exclusively on the drug. The physiology of the hair system, which can directly influence treatment efficacy, has not been considered. The hair system is fragile and can be easily affected when exposed to internal and external factors such as inadequate care, environmental pollution and aggressive treatments. It has been reported that when all parts of the hair follicle are nourished and protected from external aggression, the treatment of alopecia may have a superior result.1 Several products that are currently used in hair formulations, such as alcohol, propylene glycol and some surfactants, can have a negative effect on hair health. Fagron’s TrichoConcept™ is the first global line of multifunctional compounding vehicles with TrichoTech™ technology, a Fagron patented phytocomplex specially developed for the use in personalized alopecia treatment. 

For consumer products with TrichoTech™ technology, see Neogen™.

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TrichoTech™ and hair growth

Until now, prescribers have had a limited arsenal of vehicles compatible with the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Dermaceutical Ingredients (DCIs) used to treat alopecia. In order to provide an answer to this need, Fagron developed the TrichoConcept™ line. All TrichoConcept™ vehicles contain TrichoTech™, Fagron’s patented phytocomplex, extracted from standardized crops of Brazil’s mountains. The use of phytocomplexes as hair growth stimulants has been considered an effective secondary way for the treatment of hair loss, especially when first-line treatments such as the application of minoxidil or the administration of finasteride result in poor performance or adverse reactions. The vehicles focus on maintaining the physiology of the BSS hair system (Bulb, Scalp and Shaft). When the physiology of the hair system is appropriate, it becomes more receptive to APIs. An in vitro human fibroblast lineage study by the Research and Development Center of the Institute of Osmology and Essential Oils (IOOE) reported that TrichoTech™ induced the proliferation of the fibroblasts studied, possibly through the upregulation of the MAP kinase signaling pathway, promoting an increase in the cell population in the S-G2-M cell cycle stage and increasing around 25-30 % of the collagen production. In addition, it was also reported an enhanced cell migration and increased mRNA levels of the FGF-7 and FGF-10 genes.

The clinical efficacy was also evaluated and showed a significant increase of 20% of hair in the anagen phase on the group treated with Minoxidil 3% in TrichoSol™, when compared to the untreated group (p>0.05). This increase was observed for both men and women. The results suggest that TrichoSol™ acts in synergy with Minoxidil in the neogen phase of the hair cycle.

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TrichoWash™ is a shampoo developed with non-irritating ingredients. The formulation of TrichoWash™ cleans the hair and scalp without destroying fatty acids, promoting a lasting hair hydration and softness. With antioxidant action, TrichoWash™ delivers multiple benefits that favor the delivery of active ingredients. It features the patented TrichoTech™ technology to maximize the prescription results through physiologically improving the cellular environment. Studies suggest the combinations of TrichoOil™, TrichoWash™ and TrichoCond™ demonstrate demonstrated hair cuticle restoration after 6 applications, and a significant increase in gloss and hydration.

  • Reconstructs the cuticle
  • Replaces amino acids and proteins, favoring fiber repair
  • Promotes cohesion, strengthening and hydration of the cuticle
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