TrichoConcept™ is a line of vehicles compatible with the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Dermaceutical Ingredients (DCIs) used to treat alopecia.

What is alopecia? 

Alopecia is a medical term used to describe a dermatological condition characterized by hair loss in the scalp or other areas of the body, for example beard and eyelashes. There are several possible causes of alopecia, such as genetic factors, hormonal dysregulation, auto-immune disorders, or pharmacological treatments.

For decades, research of the treatment of alopecia was focused exclusively on the drug. The physiology of the hair system, which can directly influence treatment efficacy, has not been considered. The hair system is fragile and can be easily affected when exposed to internal and external factors such as inadequate care, environmental pollution and aggressive treatments. It has been reported that when all parts of the hair follicle are nourished and protected from external aggression, the treatment of alopecia may have a superior result.1 Several products that are currently used in hair formulations, such as alcohol, propylene glycol and some surfactants, can have a negative effect on hair health. Fagron’s TrichoConcept™ is the first global line of multifunctional compounding vehicles with TrichoTech™ technology, a Fagron patented phytocomplex specially developed for the use in personalized alopecia treatment. 

For consumer products with TrichoTech™ technology, see Neogen™.

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TrichoTech™ and hair growth

TrichoTech™ is a patented and unique phytocomplex developed with carefully chosen essential oils that act synergistically on the scalp, providing multiple benefits to the BSS hair system. The oils in TrichoTech™ are extracted from an exclusive cultivation chain with enriched soil that ensures the highest quality with standardized chemical markers.

The synergy of essential oils results from the combination of their therapeutic properties that, once combined, not only aggregate but also potentiate each other, creating a new range of interactions. To achieve the maximum synergistic effect, the essential oils in TrichoTech™ were selected based on their chemical components and combined in the most adequate concentration to strengthen their therapeutic effects. TrichoTech™ is present in all TrichoConcept™ vehicles.

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TrichoWash™ is a shampoo developed with non-irritating ingredients. The formulation of TrichoWash™ cleans the hair and scalp without destroying fatty acids, promoting a lasting hair hydration and softness. With antioxidant action, TrichoWash™ delivers multiple benefits that favor the delivery of active ingredients. It features the patented TrichoTech™ technology to maximize the prescription results through physiologically improving the cellular environment. Studies suggest the combinations of TrichoOil™, TrichoWash™ and TrichoCond™ demonstrate demonstrated hair cuticle restoration after 6 applications, and a significant increase in gloss and hydration.

  • Reconstructs the cuticle
  • Replaces amino acids and proteins, favoring fiber repair
  • Promotes cohesion, strengthening and hydration of the cuticle
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