DiluCap is a line of excipients specially developed so that you can compound every capsule formulation with ease and trust in its final characteristics.

The importance of excipients for a dosage form

Excipients are essential for compounding pharmaceutical dosage forms. For a long time, it was believed that excipients were pharmacologically inert substances used solely to optimize the handling of powders, to protect the API or to facilitate its transport. Currently, in addition to their traditional functions, the excipients need to play the role of an adjuvant, assisting the API to promote its activity through influence on the release from the pharmaceutical dosage form. Therefore, it is considered an essential ingredient for the formulation’s good performance, ensuring correct bioavailability, solubility, stability, dose accuracy, and improvement of organoleptic characteristics. In addition, it is yet favoring greater adherence to treatment.

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DiluCap: The right excipient for your capsules

All excipients were developed following scientific criteria and were extensively tested to prove their performance. For each API, there is a right DiluCap excipient.

  • DiluCap SLD: For soluble APIs (BCS I and III),  promoting adequate disintegration of the API.
  • DiluCap PSD: For insoluble APIs (BCS II and IV), favoring the solubility and adequate disintegration of the API.
  • DiluCap Hygro: For hygroscopic APIs, reducing the water uptake from the external environment.
  • DiluCap Antioxi: For highly oxidative APIs, protecting them from degradation and loss of effectiveness.
  • DiluCap SR: For special treatments that require slow-release of medicines, either to prolong the therapeutic effect or minimize possible side effects.
  • DiluCap OD: For treatments where alternative patient-friendly medicine is required, as sublingual dosage forms, with rapid transmucosal permeation

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DiluCap SLD

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DiluCap Antioxi

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DiluCap Hygro

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DiluCap Hygro

Some ingredients have a high tendency to absorb moisture from the environment – they are called hygroscopic. This behavior can directly influence the stability of the powder and of the formulation, the flowability, and even lead to deliquescence, dissolving the molecules from the product. DiluCap Hygro was carefully developed to compound with highly hygroscopic APIs, by presenting absorbent properties that will protect the formulation from moisture interference.

Advantages of choosing to standardize your capsules’ excipients with DiluCap include:

  • Avoidance of segregation between API and other components
  • Positive impact on dose accuracy
  • Modulation of the solubility and bioavailability of API
  • Good flux properties
  • Absence of allergens such as lactose, gluten, soy, and others
  • Proven functionality
  • Reduction of process time and the number of items in stock
  • The preservation of the API stability