FagronLab™ is the first global product line of compounding equipment specially designed and developed by Fagron to attend to the needs of modern compounding pharmacies. FagronLab™ products reflect Fagron’s mission and vision by offering high-quality, safe, and practical solutions and bringing evolution to the pharmaceutical compounding process. At FagronLab™, we work to continuously improve pharmaceutical operations by offering innovative equipment, as well as providing the pharmacist with accuracy, practicality, speed of execution, and optimization during the daily activities of the pharmacy. As result, patients can be sure of the high-quality, safe, and efficient treatment in every compounded formulation.  

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FagronLab™ InvoMatic

FagronLab™ InvoMatic is an automated mixing system developed to produce highly homogeneous mixtures at controlled time and speed. InvoMatic works in a 3-axis movement, combining the principles of the oloid and inversion mixing, and creates a unique 3D-movement cycle that allows a complete diffusive mix.

  • Reproducibility and speed
  • Validated mixing process
  • Safe for hazardous preparations
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