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Fagron Tech is the company that invests the most in cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions for the compounding market in Brazil. With customized software solutions, you can manage efficiency, integrate processes, and implement improvements for your business. The technology of our solutions gained notoriety in the pharmaceutical market because it was born with a focus on facilitating day by day routine, considering all stages and processes. With our solutions, you gain more productivity. We have a team of highly qualified and trained professionals. Together, we guarantee clients and prescribers complete and pioneering tools for a more assertive management and delivery of better products and services. We want to lead the changes that contribute to the future of your pharmacy, through personalized medicine, which is increasingly on the rise and more fundamental for everyone’s health. This is how we build our relationship of trust with the market. Always offering the best, so you can do more! 

We always deliver the best, as personalized service is our common goal. 

Latin America
Av. 9 de Julho, 3575, 22° andar
Bairro Anhangabaú, Edifício Maxime Office
Jundiaí, SP, Brazil Phone number +51 11 2152 8100 Email address comercial@fagrontech.com.br

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Phusion is an innovative management platform that encompasses several solutions developed by Fagron Tech. It is an Online ERP that facilitates and enhances the performance of the compounding pharmacy. It integrates all technical, operational, managerial, and financial aspects with the highest level of safety, precision, and effectiveness, at all stages of the medication handling process. With Phusion, you can automate your business, with the guarantee and efficiency of technological trends in the market.

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