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Training and development

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We find it important to create a good work environment for our employees. Employee engagement is part of the “Our People” category of our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy.

At Fagron, we focus on the following five topics when it comes to our employees:

•          Employee engagement

•          Diversity

•          Health & Safety

•          Human and labour rights

•          Training & development

Employee development

We believe that encouraging employee development contributes positively to both (the performance of) Fagron and the employability and job satisfaction of our employees. Offering employees learning moments and career opportunities helps build a sustainable relationship between employees and Fagron, and results in higher employee engagement.

Placing employee development at the center of our employee journey, ensures that employees are happy to continue to work for Fagron longer while also increasing the quality of their work. Employees expand their capabilities, because of which they are sustainably employable or remain in the labor market. Personal development also leads to higher job satisfaction!

Annual performance and development cycle

Performance reviews and feedback discussions have long been embedded in Fagron HR policies. Fagron has implemented annual performance and development cycles, which today focus on continuous feedback. We attach great importance to the personal and professional development of our employees.

At the beginning of each year, all employees work with their supervisor to determine together individual development objectives and career aspirations. In 2020, the traditional performance and development cycle was replaced by a new continuous feedback cycle. This led to a temporary decrease in the number of career development and performance review discussions. In 2021, the number of discussions returned to 2019 levels. In 2022, the proportion of employees who have had an annual career development and performance review continued to rise to 93.3%!

Learning management system

In 2022, our online learning library was launched. A number of internally developed e-learnings are available to all employees on this platform. This platform will be further expanded during 2023 with e-learnings that we will develop specifically to match employees’ personal development needs. In addition, more pre-existing course offerings will be added that are now scattered over different locations.

In February 2023, we launched two newly developed e-learnings. These two trainings, or learning bites as we call them, are both related to ESG topics.

  • Today’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.
  • “Unconscious Bias” Learning Bite gives employees the possibility to learn more about hidden biases and helps foster a more inclusive workplace.

Follow our ESG journey

We are working non-stop to realize our targets and want to be transparent about our results and activities. Annual progress can be followed in our most recent annual report. We also report on progress during the year in the news segment on our website and on LinkedIn.

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