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Safe working environment at Fagron

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This article was first published on 21 July 2022.
The article was updated on 9 August 2023, to reflect data as published in our 2022 annual report.

We find it important to create a safe work environment for our employees. Occupational health & safety is part of the “Our People” category of our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy.

At Fagron, we focus on the following five topics when it comes to our employees:

Below, we’ll discuss our approach towards health & safety.

Health & safety

Here, at Fagron, we make it our priority to ensure that our employees can perform their work in a safe, orderly, and clean work environment. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards all actions that could endanger the health and safety of our people and others. We strive for zero work-related injuries.

Our goal is to minimize the number of work-related injuries as much as possible, by ensuring that there are no fatalities or incidents that may lead to long-term or permanent injuries (injuries from which employees cannot recover within 6 months). Incidents are considered signals to review our processes and procedures. Between 2021 and 2022 we saw a significant reduction in the number of work-related injuries and fortunately, there were no fatalities or long-term or permanent injuries. The graph shows the number of other work-related injuries: These are work-related injuries that require more than first aid at the facility and do not have a long-term or permanent impact on the health of the employee.

Occupational health & safety system

We have procedures and emergency response plans in place at our facilities globally to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our employees. In addition, each facility reports to the monitoring system at group level on a monthly basis. In case of an accident, quarterly updates on actions taken to prevent future accidents are mandatory. Such actions may include additional education, training, or adjustment of procedures or emergency response plans.

Improving mental and physical well-being

A healthy mind and body result in happy employees, more job satisfaction, and a positive work environment. We, therefore, find it important to contribute to our employees’ mental and physical well-being through various initiatives. We promote and facilitate vitality, a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced workload for our employees, for example by offering sports facilities, healthy snacks (fresh fruit), and ergonomic workstations and offices.

Follow our ESG journey

We are working non-stop to realize our targets and want to be transparent about our results and activities. Annual progress can be followed in our most recent annual report. We also report on progress during the year in the news segment on our website and on LinkedIn.

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