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We find it important to create a safe work environment for our employees. Occupational health & safety is part of the “Our People” category of our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy.

At Fagron, we focus on the following five topics when it comes to our employees:

  • Employee engagement
  • Diversity
  • Health & safety
  • Human and labour rights
  • Training & development

In our last article about International Women’s Day, we have discussed Diversity at our workplace. This time, we will approach our focus on health & safety.

Health & safety

Here, at Fagron, we make it our priority to ensure that our employees can perform their work in a clean and safe work environment. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards all actions that could endanger the health and safety for our employees. We aim for zero work-related injuries.

Our main goal is to reduce the number of work-related injuries, with the highest priority being to ensure that there are zero fatalities and that no incidents occur that may lead to long-term or permanent injuries (injuries from which employees cannot recover within 6 months). We are happy to announce that there were no long-term permanent injuries or fatalities due to work related accidents in 2021! The graph shows cases of other work-related injuries: These are work-related injuries that require more than first aid at the facility and do not have a long-term permanent impact on the health of the employee.

We take all work-related injuries and other incidents that pose a risk for employees very serious and adjust our health & safety plans and procedures when necessary or increase training on the topic.

Initiatives in the workplace

We do our best to provide workplaces that promote both a healthy life and work style. We do this by offering healthy snacks, ergonomic workstations and occasional health activities (sport, massages). Apart from physically taking care of our employees, we also try to help create a well-balanced work-life through providing flexible working times and hybrid working for office personnel. This makes a difference in improving the mental and physical welfare of our people.

Follow our ESG journey

We try to ensure our goals are being met and want to be transparent about our results and activities. We plan to give even more updates and of course, you can find more details in our annual report for 2021.

We are always interested in hearing about ESG initiatives at our companies and organizations. If you have any questions or suggestions on what we could do to improve, you can reach us at