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Human rights and labor rights

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We find it important to create a good work environment for our employees. Human rights and labor rights is part of the “Our People” category of our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy.

At Fagron, we focus on the following five topics when it comes to our employees:

•          Employee engagement

•          Diversity

•          Health & Safety

•          Human and labor rights

•          Training & development

Human and labor rights at Fagron

We do not accept human rights and labor rights infringements in our facilities. We pay specific attention to the following human rights and labor rights:

  • Non-discrimination and intimidation
  • Slavery and forced labor
  • Child labor
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Non-discrimination and intimidation

In line with the ILO convention on labor rights, Fagron is committed to equal pay for equal work. Fagron is also committed to providing all employees with a work environment that is free of violence, intimidation, bullying, or other forms of threat. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, intimidation, abuse, or any other action that may be considered as intimidating, offensive, or discriminatory.

A number of incidents of discrimination and harassment have occurred in the past and were also reported in 2022 through the Fagron Integrity Line. We believe that a combination of education about our Code of Conduct and an expansion of our grievance mechanism to include a confidential counselor will reduce this risk in the future.

If a case arises, appropriate actions are taken swiftly. In 2022 there were 14 reports of possible incidents of discrimination and harassment. Of these, 5 were related to discrimination and 9 to harassment. The investigation of 13 of these reports was completed in 2022; the remaining reports were still under investigation at the end of the year. Of eight reports where the investigation was completed it was concluded that there was actual discrimination or harassment. Appropriate measures have been taken in these cases.

Slavery and forced labor

Fagron has issued a Modern Slavery Statement to combat and prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our company and our supply chain. There is no slavery or forced labor at any of Fagron’s facilities.

Child labor

We prohibit any use of child labor worldwide. Everyone who is employed at Fagron is at least the legal minimum age for work in the relevant country. In cases where the legal minimum age in a country is under 18 years, extra attention is paid to these young employees and the work they perform. In 2022, there were no employees under the age of 18 at Fagron.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Everyone who works at Fagron is free to become a member of a trade union or organization that promotes the interests of the individual. This policy is in line with the ILO conventions on these topics.

In 2021, Fagron assessed the risk of human and labor rights violations on non-discrimination, harassment, and freedom of association and collective bargaining. It is apparent from the analysis that the freedom of association and collective negotiations are not violated anywhere. This is also evident in the proportion of Fagron employees covered by a collective labor agreement.

At the end of 2022, 1,199 Fagron employees were covered by a collective bargaining agreement (this is 38% of all employees). Different types of collective bargaining agreements are applicable. For example, the terms of employment for the employees of Fagron Italy are negotiated at the sector level, while Fagron Services Netherlands negotiates directly with the labor union.

Code of Conduct training

The Code of Conduct describes Fagron’s expectations for its management and employees regarding compliance with laws and regulations as well as ethical conduct regarding, among other things, corruption and bribery, human and labor rights, and occupational health and safety.

All employees and management have access to this Code of Conduct via the Fagron intranet. Each new employee signs the Code of Conduct at the time of hire. Management and employees attend an annual Code of Conduct training course. This training was first offered in 2020 and emphasizes one of the topics of the Code of Conduct each year. In 2022 the emphasis was on human and labor rights.

Confidential counselor

A confidential counselor is a Fagron employee who has been trained to support employees by reporting their concerns and spotting any potential (future) grievances at an early stage.

The confidential counselor acts as a point of contact for employees to voice their concerns and complaints. Each employee can confidentially talk with a confidential counselor if they feel they have been subjected to unwanted behavior or wish to report a concern or suspicion of out-of-policy practices or if they have any questions. Unwanted behavior includes direct and indirect harassment, such as bullying, sexual intimidation, discrimination, or aggression. Out-of-policy practices include a breach or suspected breach of integrity, such as fraud, abuse of power, or conflict of interest.

Do you want to know more about our grievance mechanism and the role of confidential counselors? You can read more here.

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