Fagron ESG targets and 2022 progress

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We find it important to be transparent about our ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) targets and progress on realizing those targets. Last year we have, in a range of articles discussed the different topics that we are working on:

Now that 2022 has ended, we would like to tell you more about the progress that we have made in 2022.

Our ESG targets

Below you can find an overview of all our measurable and quantitative ESG targets. To show our progress we have not only shown what we have achieved in 2022 but also what we achieved last year.

2022 Progress

We are proud to say that we have made (significant) progress on most of our ESG targets.

The percentage of renewable energy of all the electricity usage in our facilities has increased from 8.9% a year before to 19.5% in one year. Our greenhouse gas intensity has stabilized, and we believe that with our current efforts we are on our way to realize our 2025 target of -30%. By continuing to electrify our car fleet, not only do we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but our NOx emission intensity has also shown a further reduction! In addition, we are making steady progress in waste separation, with plastic and paper being separated and recycled at more facilities than in 2021.

Fagron values its people. Our Global Employee Survey shows a higher sustainable engagement score than in 2021. In addition, we have seen a solid rise in the percentage of people who have had an annual employee career development and performance discussion.

The percentage of women in senior management has declined from the 34.1% in 2021 to 27.6% in 2022. This is mostly due to the fact that in the companies we acquired in 2022, almost all senior management was male. We will increase our efforts to try to meet our targets for diversity in management.

Fagron is committed to taking responsibility in our supply chain and we are making steady progress in ensuring that more suppliers are accepting our Business Partner Code of Conduct.

In terms of good governance we have increased our employees’ access to confidential counselors by training 15 new confidential counselors in 2022. The percentage of employees with access to such counselors has risen from 5% in 2021 to 39% in 2022, which is a big step towards Fagron’s 2025 goal of 100%.

In our 2022 Annual Report that will be published in March, you can find much more information about our progress. All annual reports can be found on our website!

Follow our ESG journey

In the next article we will tell you more about our ESG plans for 2023. Stay tuned!

We are always interested in hearing about ESG initiatives at our companies and organizations. If you have any questions or suggestions on what we could do to improve, you can reach us at ESG@fagron.com.