Education is the focus for Pride Month at Fagron

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At Fagron, we strongly believe that people with different backgrounds and ideas contribute to better decision-making. We encourage a working environment where every individual is empowered to perform at their best, and all our people can innovate and develop. We aim to build and foster a culture that enables our employees to become the best version of themselves. 

Diversity & Inclusion soundboard 

Last year, as part of our internal Pride Month campaign, we decided to put together a volunteer-based Diversity & Inclusion soundboard so that we could openly discuss and check all the initiatives we put together and create an inclusive culture.

The Soundboard is a group of 10 people located across the globe, from different backgrounds and countries that come together to discuss ideas and actions that can be taken to contribute to promoting diversity. All of the members have shown interest and gave powerful reasons showing their passion to be a part of this initiative and to build an inclusive culture within Fagron. 

“Diversity and Inclusion is important to me because it brings different perspectives in terms of culture, tradition, and belief of every race and ethnicity. It is important that we listen and educated ourselves to coexist peacefully and respect each other’s differences” Brendon Tan, Manufacturing Quality Assurance Assistant, and part of the D&I Soundboard 

One of the first decisions we took together with the soundboard was that in order to continuously work on creating a safe working environment where every employee feels welcome, we needed to see where we stand when it comes to D&I. In 2021, we conducted our first Fagron Diversity & Inclusion survey among employees. The survey was completed by 1100 employees across the globe and focused on subjects such as discrimination and involvement in decision-making. 

Pride Month 

During Pride Month, together with celebrating pride and diversity, our goal is also to educate employees and together learn more about what is pride, and how can we support our colleagues on the LGBTQ+ Community.  

The Soundboard plays an essential part in this project, guiding us to show that this is an important topic to us, and as a moment for our people to show support to the LGBTQ+ community. Some of them have experience with conducting actions in their own communities to drive change: 

“As a gay man I have already done a lot in this field helping set up a LGBTQ+ football team in my local area over 10 years ago which still flourishes today and has helped many people find likeminded people to play sport with and socialize with. We are also now affiliated with NUFC the premier league football team.” Ben Ford, Business Controller, and part of the D&I Soundboard 

Some topics we approached were: Why is June the chosen month for Pride; The meaning of the Pride flag and its colors; unconscious bias; the beginning of Pride movement and much more! Companies of the Fagron Group around the Globe also joined the initiative, sharing information and taking #pride with the movement! 

We will continue to inform and create more actions like this throughout the whole year. Diversity is and will always be a strong part of our Culture 🏳️‍🌈 

Let’s stand up for equal LGBTQ+ rights and make a change #together!