OrPhyllo |

Compatibility assessment of novel orodispersible film vehicle for personalized medicine with selected active pharmaceutical ingredients

Polonini HC, Ferreira AO, Raposo NB, da Silva PLC, and Brandão MA

Journal of Personalized Medicine, 13(11), 1565

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InvoMatic |

Development of an immediate release excipient composition for 3D printing via direct powder extrusion in a hospital

Rosch M, Gutowski T, Baehr M, Eggert J, Gottfried K, Gundler C, Nürnberg S, Langebrake C, Dadkhah A

International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 643, 123218

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Syrspend SF |

Compatibility of Commonly Used Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in a Ready-to-Use Oral Suspending Vehicle

Mansourian M, Dijkers E, Silva CV, Polonini HC

Pharmaceutics 2023, 15(10), 2388

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TrichoConcept |

Compounded Hair Solutions and Foams Containing Minoxidil: Does the Color Change Impact Stability?

Polonini HC, Silva CV

Scientia Pharmaceutica, 91 (3), 39.

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Miodesin |

Miodesin Positively Modulates the Immune Response in Endometrial and Vaginal Cells

Rocha OC, Polonini HC, Marcucci MC, Vieira RP

Molecules, 27(3), 782-797.

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FagronLab |

Effectiveness of a New Ultraviolet C Disinfection System to Inactivate Airborne Coronavirus in Different Environmental Conditions

Marianni B, Polonini HC

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, 26(5), 432-435.

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DiluCap |

Evaluation of the Physical-chemical Characteristics and Biopharmaceutical Performance of Dilu-Cap: A Complete Line of Excipients for Hard-shell Capsules

Ferreira AO, Polonini HC

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, 26(4), 283-291.

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Syrspend SF |

Doseerhomogeniteit van meer dan honderd SyrSpend® SF suspensies onderzocht na bewaren

Dijkers E, Polonini HC, Ferreira AO

Nederlands Platform voor Farmaceutisch Onderzoek

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Cleoderm |

Compatibility of Personalized Formulations in Cleoderm™. A Skin Rebalancing Cream Base for Oily and Sensitive Skin

Polonini HC, Marianni B, Taylor S, Zander C

Cosmetics, 9(5), 92.

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