TrichoConcept |

Compounded Hair Solutions and Foams Containing Minoxidil: Does the Color Change Impact Stability?

Polonini HC, Silva CV

Scientia Pharmaceutica, 91 (3), 39.

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Miodesin |

Miodesin Positively Modulates the Immune Response in Endometrial and Vaginal Cells

Rocha OC, Polonini HC, Marcucci MC, Vieira RP

Molecules, 27(3), 782-797.

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FagronLab |

Effectiveness of a New Ultraviolet C Disinfection System to Inactivate Airborne Coronavirus in Different Environmental Conditions

Marianni B, Polonini HC

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, 26(5), 432-435.

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DiluCap |

Evaluation of the Physical-chemical Characteristics and Biopharmaceutical Performance of Dilu-Cap: A Complete Line of Excipients for Hard-shell Capsules

Ferreira AO, Polonini HC

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, 26(4), 283-291.

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Syrspend SF |

Doseerhomogeniteit van meer dan honderd SyrSpend® SF suspensies onderzocht na bewaren

Dijkers E, Polonini HC, Ferreira AO

Nederlands Platform voor Farmaceutisch Onderzoek

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Cleoderm |

Compatibility of Personalized Formulations in Cleoderm™. A Skin Rebalancing Cream Base for Oily and Sensitive Skin

Polonini HC, Marianni B, Taylor S, Zander C

Cosmetics, 9(5), 92.

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Pentravan |

Ex-vivo study of the percutaneous absorption of a tramadol formulation through feline inner pinna skin

Sainte Beuve M, Espana B, Pin D, Prouillac C

Research in Veterinary Science, 151, 57-63.

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TrichoConcept |

Compatibility of different formulations in TrichoConcept vehicles for hair treatments

Polonini HC, Taylor S, Zander C

Scientia Pharmaceutica, 90(1), 16.

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Fagron Advanced Derma |

Compatibility of Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone, Progesterone, and Testosterone Single Formulation in Fitalite, Versatile, or HRT Supreme Cream Base

Polonini HC, Dijkers E, Ferreira AO, Zander C, Taylor S

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, 25(4), 336-343.

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