John is experiencing problems applying product for alopecia treatment.

Case study | 23 Jun 2024


Alopecia areata means patchy baldness. It is a disease of the hair roots. The places where the hair roots are affected are round or oval. In these places (almost) all hairs fall out, while the surrounding skin shows normal hair growth. The result is one or more bald areas. The exact cause of alopecia areata is unknown. The cause of alopecia areata is thought to be a disorder in the body's defense mechanism. The defense is, as it were, derailed, and is not directed against infections from outside but against its own body. In this case against the hair roots. It is thought that alopecia areata is of immunological origin. This is reinforced by the fact that people with this disease are proportionally more likely to suffer from other diseases associated with disorders of the immune system.

John is experiencing problems applying the product

A few years ago, John (30-years) developed alopecia. That is a condition in which the body sees its hair follicles as an enemy that it must fight. Hair loss is the result. Alopecia manifests itself differently in everyone. “In my case, it manifests itself mainly through hair loss, which sometimes suddenly grows back. But I remain positive about my alopecia. But I don’t like it. I feel insecure and uncomfortable in large groups.”

The challenge

John is using a repeat prescription for minoxidil base 5% for his alopecia. “But I am not satisfied with it. I complained to my pharmacist, Mrs. Johnson, about the dripping and greasiness of the product when I applied it to my scalp to treat my disease.” The scalp, like other hairy parts of the skin, is a difficult area to treat. To avoid being bothered by dripping or oily creams of the product, a proper compound is needed to satisfy John. In this way, his alopecia can be reduced and John will begin to feel better about himself.

The solution

The pharmacist chose to use Fagron’s compounded medication from its unique trademark Derma medication. John’s pharmacist prescribed a customized treatment for him. Ms. Johnson prepared minoxidil base 5% in Espumil™. To enhance the treatment, she suggested to John’s prescriber that he add tretinoin 0.01%. “I am very pleased with how the product feels on my skin, and with the ease of use of Espumil. No more greasiness or dripping, my skin feels great again. I have already asked for a repeat prescription. The quality of my life has improved again, thanks to the product.”


  • Minoxidil base 5% in Espumil™, with tretinoin 0.01% added.

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