Eva is spitting up and crying after feeding.

Case study | 18 Jul 2024

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, abbreviated as GERD, is a condition in which acidic stomach contents flow back into your esophagus. This typically causes symptoms of heartburn and acid regurgitation. The name is derived from Latin: “gaster” means stomach, “esophagus” gullet, and reflux stands for flowing back.

Eva is spitting up and crying after feeding

Eva (age 2) is a happy baby at the beginning of her life. But lately, she and her parents have been having a hard time. This is because she often spits up and cries after her parents have fed her food. “We as parents noticed a significant weight loss, while nutrition is so important for a baby. We didn’t trust it anymore and went to the pediatrician.” After consulting with her pediatrician, Eva is diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). To help Eva effectively, her pediatrician wants to treat Eva with omeprazole.

The challenge

But because of her age, Eva cannot take the omeprazole as a tablet, capsule, or from a spoon. In addition, the medication causes stomach upset and diarrhea. The omeprazole is also full of added sugars that significantly promote tooth decay.

In addition, omeprazole requires an alkaline aqueous environment to maintain and ensure a stable and effective therapeutic outcome. However, traditional formulations of omeprazole in sodium bicarbonate 8.4% impart a bitter, unpleasant taste. “These factors were the main reason for not preferring the drug omeprazole. There has to be something better.”

The solution

Eva’s doctor calls the pharmacist and explains the problem. The pharmacist responds quickly, as he has the Omeprazole & SyrSpend® SF Alka kit readily available. The Omeprazole & SyrSpend® SF Alka kit has excellent taste-masking properties and a neutral taste, which translates into greater patient satisfaction and improved adherence. The Omeprazole & SyrSpend® SF Alka kit provides all the tools needed to prepare an omeprazole suspension in two easy steps. There is no need to weigh and no additional containers or dosing aids are required. Using omeprazole powder instead of grinding tablets provides ease of use and uniform mixing and improves patient compliance.

“Today, Eva is growing well. Every day, we give her an appropriate dose of the omeprazole suspension.” Dose and administration are facilitated by an oral syringe. The low osmolality of the SyrSpend® SF Alka reduces the risk of upset stomach and diarrhea that occurs with other sorbitol-containing suspensions. “The suspension is free of alcohol, parabens, sorbitol, sugars, gluten,, and dyes, making it suitable for our young Eva. We are so happy that Eva is healthy again.”


  • Omeprazole suspension in SyrSpend® SF Alka

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