Compounding Matters

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Compounding Matters is a global initiative of Fagron to offer pharmacists and prescribers a broad range of customized formulas linked to the indications for which they can be prescribed.

Compounding Matters contains a scientifically evidence-based selection of formulas for customized medication and is available for free to all prescribers and pharmacists.

Benefits of personalized medicine and compounding

At Fagron we believe in Personalized Medicine to cover every individual need. We constantly invest in increasing the effectiveness, quality, and safety of products, so we can also reduce healthcare costs and make medicine more accessible for patients.

Some facts come to seem like challenges when trying to make a patient fully adhere to their prescription, which can generate frustration for both the prescriber and the patient.

The formulas in Compounding Matters aim to provide a different perspective on medicine and treatment to prescribers; a portfolio that pharmacists can consult at any time; and to help with better adherence from the patients.

A wide range of formulations

There are more than 800 formulations in Compounding Matters. From formulation to acetaminophen to zonisamide, pharmacists and prescribers can find whatever they may need.

Prescribers can search by indication and find formulas that they can prescribe that suit the patient’s personal needs. Pharmacists can find customized formulas with the methods of compounding. This saves time for the pharmacists because you can find in a single source the preparation procedures but also information about beyond-use date, compatibility, interactions and more – as all formulations were laboratory-tested to ensure their stability.

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