Pharmaceutical compounding and the contribution to personalized medicine

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We are a pharmaceutical company that strives to enable pharmacists, prescribers, hospitals, and industry to provide quality, safety, and service for their patients. Trough personalized medicine, we aim to make a difference in people’s well-being.

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Pharmaceutical compounding

Most of our products are related to pharmaceutical compounding. You might wonder: What is pharmaceutical compounding? Pharmaceutical compounding is the combining and mixing of different pharmaceutical ingredients to create a medicine that fits the unique needs of an individual patient. We have created a video about pharmaceutical compounding:

There are many advantages to pharmaceutical compounding:

  • Compounding gives a prescriber the option to select the specific administration form that a patient needs, for example when a patient has difficulty swallowing.
  • Compounding gives a prescriber the option to select a dosage that is most suitable for a patient, reducing side effects.
  • It is possible to compound medicine when there are drug shortages, even if a medicine is patented. To make sure that products stay available for patients.

A compounding pharmacist can make medication in a different form, such as a cream base, or change the taste and color of oral medicaments to make it easier for certain patients to take them. This ensures access to high-quality health care. This way, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Good Health and Well-Being.

Our products

We have divided our products and services into three separate categories:

  • Essentials
  • Brands
  • Compounding services


Over thirty years ago, we began our journey by delivering pharmaceutical raw materials to pharmacists and hospitals in smaller quantities. We have expanded our portfolio to pharmacy equipment, such as scales and measures, to assist them in their work. We call these products Essentials and sell them globally to pharmacies, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.


We make it easier for pharmacists to prepare personalized medicine by developing new and innovative vehicles such as emulsions, powder mixtures, creams, and innovative concepts. Concepts are complete products for patients to use. We developed our Brands in close collaboration with pharmacists, physicians, and universities.

Two examples of our brands are:

Syrspend Neo (vehicle)

Syrspend Neo is specifically created for young children. Certain ingredients used in regular medication can be toxic for young children, such as colorants, parabens, and sugar. Syrspend Neo is free of these components and makes it suitable for all patient groups. Syrspend Neo consists of oral bases to which pharmacists can add active pharmaceutical ingredients to prepare a liquid medicine that young children can swallow.

Nourisil (concept)

Painful and untreated scars can reduce a patient’s well-being. This is why we developed Nourisil. This product works to prevent and treat scars and keloids (scars that occur after an injury to the skin) in children and adults. We use a silicone gel, which is the only type of treatment patients tolerate. It protects the skin by increasing hydration and collagen production and contains a high dose of Vitamin E further contributing to the protection of the skin.

Compounding services

We also deliver non-sterile and sterile compounded medicine based on a prescription in countries where this is allowed. Non-sterile medicine is the preparation of specific medication doses for patients to take or apply to the skin, while sterile medicine is injected into the bloodstream. Examples of sterile products are IV bags and syringes. Non-sterile products include tablets, capsules, creams, and ointments.

Quantifying our contribution

Because we do not deliver directly to the patient, it is difficult to quantify our positive contribution. We do not know how many patients use medication that has been compounded with our Brands & Essentials products. We do know the units of sterile and non-sterile compounded medication that we have prepared in our compounding services locations. In 2021, Fagron supplied around 5.4 million units of compounding medication!

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