Alopecia: How Fagron solutions can improve treatment

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When talking about Alopecia, is inevitable to think about hair loss, localized or generalized, temporary or permanent. It is one of the most frequent pathologies that dermatologists receive in their consultation.

However, the disease is not synonymous with hair loss. Human hair falls constantly but is renewed. When it comes to Alopecia, this cycle is altered, and either the lost hair is not recovered or the one that is born is a hair of less thickness or size (miniaturization).

Types of alopecia

It is important to know that there are two groups within alopecia: scarring forms, with the destruction of the hair follicle and therefore irreversible, and non-scarring forms, that are potentially reversible.

Among the non-scarring ones, the most common are androgenetic alopecia, areata alopecia, and effluvium.

How to treat alopecia?

Treatment usually includes oral and/or topical interventions – the latter can be obtained through commercial preparations in fixed doses or as compounded solutions or foams, with personalized qualitative and quantitative composition, to be unique to each patient.

Furthermore, nowadays there are available innovative vehicles such as shampoo, conditioner, oil, and serum to treat alopecia also during hygiene. 

The treatment will also depend on the type of alopecia. Antiandrogenic APIs are the most important ones for androgenetic alopecia; when corticoesteroids and minoxidil are most recommended for areata alopecia. New vegetal ingredients such TrichoXidil, and Prostaquinon are new and safe therapeutic options with scientific evidence about their efficacy.

To compound APIs for alopecia treatment usually are used high concentrations of alcohol and propyleneglycol that can cause patient irritation, itching, or other adverse effects.

Fagron developed TrichoConcept: a range of vehicles without any of these ingredients, specially designed to protect all capillary systems during treatment.

In this sense, ready-to-use vehicles play an important role for pharmacists as a timesaving strategy and to ensure maximum results from the treatment.

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Genetics is continuously more present in medicine, and it has an important role to improve the efficacy of treatments. The relation between alopecia and genetics is known and documented

Fagron TrichoTest is a genetic test for alopecia treatment that combines genetic analysis with a clinical questionnaire to provide information about the best treatment option.

This helps to have more efficacy; fewer side effects and it is also time-saving for patients and doctors. You can read more about it at