Documents (MSDS & CoA)

To go further in meeting our customers' needs. Certificates of Analysis (coA), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and technical specifications are available for all our products online or upon request.

CoA Documents

Name Item no. Lot no. Download
Ethanol 96 Gedenatureerd LABO9797838 24B07-V32325
Lassar Deeg LABO9797867 24B07-V31703
Saponinecoaltar LABO9797894 23K21-V32294
Levobupi 1,25 mgmL+Sufen 0,75gmL- spuit 20ml 601009 24C20-B04
Levobupivacaine 0,625mgmL + Sufentanil 0,25gmL-Bag 200mL 600725 24C21-B02
PED1 600955 24C20-B11
Ropi HCl 2mgmL+Ketor 0,2mgmL +Epinefr 3,4gmL - spuit 50mL 600644 24C20-B14
Ropi HCl 1,48mgml + Sufen 0,37 gml - spuit 54ml 600540 24C20-B15
Argentum colloidale ad us.ext. 903177 23I06-B01-236271
Gelatine 0 transparent 907501 24C26-B06
Halcinonidum 908851 24C19-B03
Kalii citras monohydricus 907004 23L05-B06-236558
Kalii citras monohydricus 907251 23L05-B06-236569
Kardamom Groen Vrucht Geheel 9402619 BO004313
Koriander Poeder 9403175 BO004306
Koriander Poeder 9403105 BO004309
Natrii chloridum 614588 23F06-B08-236567
Oranjeschil Bitter Poeder 9400630 240410-000000934
Amitriptylini hydrochloridum 908090 24A31-B09-236397
Arginini hydrochloridum 521807 24A10-B09-236889
Capsicards 2-transp.1200ks50 614246 23L21-B04-237328
Cera cetomacrogolis emuls. 500126 24B28-B07
Citroenschil Gesneden 9402417 BO004314
Glycerolum 85 611056 111896
Kalii citras 514318 23L05-B06-236794