Steve has dry skin that feels painful and unpleasant.

Case study | 18 Jul 2024

Dehydrated skin

Dry skin is by definition dehydrated. Dehydrated skin can have roughly three causes. The evaporation from the skin can be too great, e.g. due to an air humidity level lower than sixty percent or a damaged barrier function of the skin so the moisture does not stay in the skin properly. Also, the skin may contain too few substances that can retain water. Or the transport of water from the deeper skin layers to the superficial skin is too slow.

Steve has an unpleasant dry skin feeling

Dehydrated skin basically says what it is: skin that lacks moisture. Dry skin is actually always dehydrated skin, but even oily skin can be dehydrated at times. “I suffer from this a lot too, my skin feels dry all day. It irritates me to no end. I feel insecure because of dry, dull, and blemished skin. I don’t like it that everyone sees that my skin doesn’t look nice and even. And besides, especially in the winter, it also causes my skin to be painful.”

The challenge

“I tried several options to heal my skin. Showering less, avoiding alcohol, and finally, I chose cream.” Steve applies two creams to his face, namely benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin HCl 1% in a gel. But, Steve is not satisfied with the benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin he has been prescribed. “I complained to my pharmacist, Mr. Nguyen, about the amount of time it takes to apply the two products and the unpleasant dry skin feeling I get after using them often.” Because Steve has such dehydrated skin, the cream would be better for his skin type than a gel, and a combination of both APIs in one formula would be preferable.

The solution

His pharmacist helped Steve by preparing with Fagron’s unique, trademarked Advanced Derma products. In this way, Mr. Nguyen is able to offer exclusive solutions that add significant value and provide Steve with customized treatment. “The quality of my life has improved significantly because of individually customized treatment. My skin feels much better, and I don’t have to apply two creams to my face ever again.” Mr. Nguyen formulated benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin HCl 1% in Versatile™ and was able to offer Steve an elegant solution with one cream.


  • benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin HCl 1% in Versatile™

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