Sonia could not swallow her medicine

Case study | 18 Jul 2024


Thrush involves white spots in a baby's mouth. This is because there is yeast in the lining of the mouth. Thrush occurs in about 4% of infants, usually in babies younger than 6 weeks.
Thrush is caused by yeast (a type of fungus). The yeast is called Candida albicans. Many adults carry the yeast without any symptoms. Yeast can get to a baby in several ways. It can occur during birth if the mother has candida in her vagina (this does not have to cause symptoms in the mother).

Sonia could not swallow her medicine

Sonia (age 4) was recently treated with antibiotics for a respiratory infection. But now she suffers from painful white spots on the tongue, lips, palate, and inside of the cheeks, causing difficulty in eating and swallowing. After her parents consulted their family doctor, Sonia is diagnosed with thrush, a fungal infection in the mouth. To help Sonia effectively, her family doctor wants to treat her with Ketoconazole and he asks his local pharmacist for an elegant method of administration for Sonia. He suggests making Ketoconazole lollipops (strawberry flavored, her favorite).

The challenge

Because the fungal infection is throughout her mouth, proper distribution of Ketoconazole is necessary for effective treatment. “But Sonia is too young to handle a liquid or gel that needs to be held in the mouth for an extended period of time. And, antimycotics don’t have a pleasant taste, which is a challenge for our daughter. It is important that Sonia begin her treatment as soon as possible. But, how do you find a pharmacy that can make lollipops so Sonia can begin her treatment?” It is important to emphasize that sugars can promote tooth decay. Also, the stability of the API in a compound preparation deserves special attention, as lollipops tend to become sticky.

The solution

The physician chose to use a composition of Fagron products, which are made to offer unique individualized treatment of patients with specific needs, in this case, Sonia. He chooses a lollipop that can provide a very acceptable solution for a local treatment that reaches all buccal musoca. The lollipops are taste-adaptive to camouflage a bad taste and will reassure parents by providing a solution where children do not have to be forced to take their medication. With Fagron Lollibase®, Sophie’s pharmacist can quickly and easily assemble a set of Ketoconazole lollipops. Lollibase® can be used with a wide range of medications, so the pharmacist can keep Lollibase® in stock for similar cases. The advantage of the Fagron Lollibase® is that it consists exclusively of sugar-free, non-cariogenic, low-calorie ingredients. Also because of its very low hygroscopicity and the fact that Ketoconazole is administered only in its pure form, the stability of Lollibase® lollipops can be guaranteed.

“After a few days, Sonia was doing well again. Twice a day we gave her a “special” lollipop. She enjoyed the taste and the effect: she is now going back to school after her respiratory infection and she tells everyone about her special medication.”


  • Ketoconazole in Lollibase®

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