Why topical silicone gels remain the favored treatment in scar management

FACOs | 2 min read

Scars can vary in appearance from flat, hypopigmented to red, raised, uneven areas of tissue and can also feel painful, itchy, or hypersensitive.

Keloid scars are formed when the scar tissue extends beyond the margin of the original wound and is the most extreme type of scarring.  Keloid scars are not to be confused with hypertrophic scars which are raised and often discolored but do not extend beyond the boundary of the initial wound. Hypertrophic scarring typically develops in wounds on the body that are under tension, such as the shoulders, ankles, and knees.

Large areas of scar tissue and scars on more visible areas of the body are undesirable and can impact on an individual’s self-esteem and, therefore, quality of life. Some scars, particularly those resulting from deep wounds such as burns, can restrict a patient physically, due to a large amount of skin contracture. These contractures will increase the tension of the skin and also decrease its mobility.

Topical silicone gel treatments are the first point of clinical recommendation in scar management and are favored by consensus among healthcare professionals. Silicone gel sheeting has been used in scar therapy for over 30 years, during which its efficacy has been the subject of numerous clinical evaluations. Through occlusion of the scar site and hydration of the wound bed, the overactivity of scar-related cells is suppressed, and their activity is normalized.

NourisilMD provides the consumer with an affordable solution for scar treatment that can be easily used at home.

The unique properties of NourisilMD:

  • Reduces scar thickness
  • Improves scar coloration and texture
  • Relieves physical discomfort like itching or pain

Next to the Silicon Scar Gel, NourisilMD recently launched a Silicon Scar Patch. This new product formula will be available in Belgian pharmacies by December 2022. The Silicon Scar Patch is reusable and can be worn 24h a day, giving a consistent and gentle reduction in skin tension for normal scar development.

Both Silicon Scar Gel and Silicon Scar Patch are registered as Medical Device.