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Technologies that assist in compounding

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Compounding pharmacies play a crucial role in the healthcare landscape, offering personalized medication solutions to the unique needs of individual patients. One key aspect that compounding pharmacies address is the concept of reproducibility, ensuring that each compounded medication is consistently and accurately reproduced.

The Importance of Reproducibility

Reproducibility in compounding pharmacies refers to the ability to recreate a specific formulation with precision and consistency. This is particularly important because variations in the composition of a medication can have a significant impact on its efficacy and safety. To achieve reproducibility, compounding pharmacists adhere to stringent quality control measures and follow standardized processes. Also, accurate documentation of formulations, adherence to established compounding guidelines, and investment in new technologies that promote automation in the process are essential to ensure the quality of the preparations.

New technologies in laboratory devices uphold the twin pillars of reproducibility and quality for compound formulations. By automating the compounding process, these systems optimize operations, minimizing the risk of human error and elevating reproducibility. Their main role lies in guaranteeing that every compounded medication aligns with prescribed standards, thereby delivering patients consistent and dependable therapeutic results.

FagronLab™ technology

FagronLab™ offers technologies designed to guarantee reproducibility and uphold the highest quality standards in every step of compound formulations.

FagronLab™ technologies to prepare powder:

Invomatic: An automated mixing system developed to produce highly homogeneous mixtures at controlled time and speed. InvoMatic works in a 3-axis movement, combining the principles of the oloid and inversion mixing, creating a unique 3-dimensional motion cycle, that allows a completely diffusive mix.

ION-e: A benchtop ionizer specially developed to meet the daily needs of the compounding pharmacy by neutralizing electrostatic charges created during pharmaceutical operations and powder handling.

MedCaps: A glass cylinder with special and validated graduation designed for the compounding process of hard capsules. It allows the appropriate choice of capsule size to be used, as well as the exact definition of the amount of excipient required for the complete volumetric filling of the capsule, in a practical and fast way.

FagronLab™ technologies to prepare liquid:

WetMill Compact: An automated compounding device, developed to provide a safe and validated alternative to the dry-grinding process to compound extemporaneous oral liquid preparations, through the use of an innovative wet milling process.

Liquid Dispenser ELD: A precise liquid dispensing device that is specially designed for pharmacies to assist compounders in precise dosing needs of the most frequently used liquid raw materials in daily preparation.

FagronLab™ technologies to prepare semi-solid:

EMP line: A series of mixing devices designed to streamline the preparation process for semi-solid preparations such as gel, creams, and ointments. This approach significantly reduces both time and costs compared to traditional methods. The EMP line consists of FagronLab™ BASIC, FagronLab™ EMP, and FagronLab™ PRO.

PM140: A revolutionary device that combines those multiple functionalities in a single step to standardize the compounding process, ensuring safety, quality, and efficacy for compounded preparations while saving time and money. The equipment uses centrifugal motion to ensure the complete elimination of air entrapped inside the compounding and promotes homogeneous mixing.

PM300 PRO: An innovative device that integrates mixing, melting, and deaeration functions designed to address the compounding requirements of pharmacies preparing formulations surpassing 100 mL volume. This all-in-one solution within our planetary mixer series guarantees compounded formulation safety, quality, and effectiveness.

New technologies to come

We are thrilled to announce new devices coming in 2024 to bring excellence and practicality to compounding pharmacies. Here is a sneak peak on the devices:

Suppository Solution: a complete line of products to assist suppository compounding from preparation to delivery to the patient.

Monodose: disposable graduated eye dropper for accurate dosing, easy tracking, and convenient storage.

BLIST-Rx: thermo-sealing blistering device that meets with sustainability

Fridges: equipment that meets the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) compliance for cold chain storage in pharmacies

COUNT-Rx: precise and practical capsules counter

ION-e 2.0: The ideal tool for the electrostatic-free treatment of powders is getting an upgrade

Stay tuned for updates on when these innovations will be available in your country and get ready to elevate efficiency in your pharmacy!