OleoTHERAPY: A professional and personalized approach to the use of natural oils

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Vegetable oils have been recognized since the oldest civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Roman Empire where they were used in various rituals for health and beauty. Among the many functions of lipids, the role that mostly stands out is “energy storage” of the body since they are a very compact and light weight molecule. 

Heat pressed x Cold pressed oils

The process of obtaining the oil from seeds and nuts is called mechanical pressing and it can be done with or without heat.

Hot pressed oil: the oil is extracted by using high heat (in some cases up to 200°C) and because of it, most of the nutrients and flavours are lost.

Cold pressed oil: seeds are crushed slowly to extract oil from them naturally with the temperature not higher than 50°C. By cold pressing, there is no extra heat and chemicals required, so the oils retain their natural properties such as purity, taste, odor and nutritional value – which makes them the healthiest variant of oil available to us.

Benefits of cold pressed oils

At a time when we are increasingly returning to natural alternatives for therapeutic purposes, self-medication and care, oils find their place in a variety of indications. Due to the high concentration of natural antioxidants and omega fatty acids, oils have been shown to be useful in preventing premature aging and reducing chronic inflammation in the body.

Cold pressed oils are a valuable natural skin care, especially for dry, sensitive skin that needs constant care. These nourishing oils, if included in your daily skin and hair care routine, can bring visible and significant results.

oleoTHERAPY Cosmetics

Fagron has developed a extensive line of cold-pressed oils of the highest quality and purity. They can be found as compounding materials worldwide, or even as finished product in selected countries.

One of this finished product lines is the oleoTHERAPY: it represents a professional and personalized approach to the modern therapeutic use of natural oils that derives from expertise in the field of natural and vegetable oils over the last two decades and provides the promise of authenticity and quality of oils. 

oleoTHERAPY Cosmetics represents 100% natural oils and butters with a high content of concentrated active ingredients and with no artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives.

The benefits include:

  • Emollient properties
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Hydrating properties
  • 100% natural raw material
  • High content of concentrated active ingredients

oleoTHERAPY oils is a very complete line with benefits for skin care (young or mature skin), cell regeneration, hair and nail treatment with expertise of more than 20 years. With wide range of products of the highest quality, certified under the supervision of quality control specialists, oleoTHERAPY is the ideal choice for your needs.