Formulary: Our new scientific formulas database

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Through personalized medicine, doctors can prescribe specific dosages or combine treatments, and pharmacists can develop new potential solutions, whether via different administration routes as well as flavoring and packaging options.

However, developing a new formulation involves some important steps and procedures to guarantee its quality. The preliminary step needed is to conduct a pre-formulation study to gather information on the physical, chemical, and mechanical characteristics of the constituents of the formulation. Also, it is necessary to check the effectiveness and safety of the active component that will be used in the formula, ensure its quality, facilitate the application of the drug through the most appropriate route of administration, and allow the administration of the effective dose with adequate precision for its safe use.

There is also the need to evaluate and fix stability problems, through the addition of adjuvants such as preservatives, antioxidants, and buffers, among others, and adapt the properties of the pharmaceutical form to the physiological needs of the route of administration.

All these development steps are time and resource-consuming and demand certain structures from the pharmacy to conduct those specific tests and evaluations. For this reason, having already developed and tested formulas to guide their daily life tasks and offering a broad option of formulations is of extreme help for pharmacists. This is also helpful to doctors to assist them with implementing new treatments, administration routes, or improving a traditional formula, looking for better results with the patients.

For those reasons, we created Formulary, a scientific database of formulations in which pharmacists and doctors will find formulas developed and tested to be used for personalized treatments. 

About Formulary

Formulary is a scientific database platform where prescribers and pharmacists can access ready-to-use formulations that will enable the prevention and personalization of treatments. The platform offers:

  • Complete formulations and their compounding guidance.
  • Information regarding the mechanism, applications, contraindications, interactions, and side effects for each API present in the formula.
  • Specific calculations, Corrector Factors, and quality notes will be available.
  • User-friendly platform, easy to find the formula needed and with formula suggestions on every researched page to guarantee that the information will be found.
  • All the information needed to compound or prescribe the chosen formulation.

Using Formulary

Each formula can be found based on name, ingredients and vehicle, application, dosage form, or doctor’s specialty. The user only needs to insert this information on the search bar to find all the formulations related to the specific word chosen. Also, each formula has two versions, one for the pharmacy (containing information regarding the compounding) and one focused on the prescribers.

The steps for finding a specific formula are as follows:

If a pharmacy is looking for a topical application for acne treatment, it only needs to type “acne” on the search bar, and all formulas related to treating acne will be found, together with the dosage form for each.

We developed a tool aiming to make it easy and intuitive for professionals to find the formulas they need, as well as to insert Personalized Medicine into their practice. Our main goal is to enable prescribers and pharmacists to act on the prevention and personalization of treatments, offering a complete scientific database of developed formulations and guidance to prescribe and compound.


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