Fagron Derma Concept’s sustainable sugar cane packaging

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Fagron Derma Concept for professionals

Fagron Derma Concept is Fagron Netherlands’ line of vehicles designed according to the latest scientific insights into safety and tolerance. The safe, comfortable, and highly compatible vehicles are each designed to suit a specific skin type profile. Fagron Derma Concept products are unique for The Netherlands. These products are prescribed as maintenance treatment together with a medicinal treatment for chronic skin diseases like; eczema, psoriasis, and ichthyosis.

Fagron Derma Concept ensures continuous care for the skin during the exacerbation and chronic diseases like; eczema, psoriasis, and ichthyosis and guarantees maximum patient comfort for optimal compliance and results. All vehicles are developed and scientifically tested to help pharmacists compound stable preparations with a broad range of active pharmaceutical (APIs) and dermaceutical ingredients (DCIs). In The Netherlands, the vehicles of the Fagron Derma Concept line are also prescribed on their own (without APIs) to be used as daily maintenance treatment.

While thinking about customers’ safety, Fagron also wants the best solution for the environment. That’s why we introduce our sustainable tubes of bio-based plastic for the 100g packages, extracted from 100% sugarcane.

Sugarcane packaging

This bio-based plastic tube is made from a renewable resource, sugar cane, instead of fossil raw materials. This contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The products are produced using sugarcane, which captures CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to fight climate change.

The I’m green bio-based products are made from renewable sources: ethanol from sugarcane. Replacing fossil feedstock with renewable feedstock significantly reduces the plastics value chain’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.

The company already has approximately 80 products in its portfolio in sustainable tubes and recently we also introduced the first product in a sustainable pot.

Sugarcane x Petroleum

Green plastic: how it is produced

Watch the video below to understand how the tubes are made:

This new technology represents a revolution in the way plastic resins are produced. It is the result of our continuous commitment and investment in innovation and research to find the best solutions to benefit the planet and society.