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Fagron Colombia opens a new facility

FACOs 2 min read

The new facility of Fagron Colombia is one of the most technological in the country. It was designed to strengthen the concept of personalized medicine and to give our stakeholders a new experience. The new facility is located in Chia, around 9 miles from the capital city of Colombia: Bogotá. What makes this place ideal is the fact that it unites the best of the field and the benefits of a small city.

The new plant brings aboard the whole operation of the company, including essential, personalized medicine and dermo-cosmetics. The logistics and distribution will be directed from there to the rest of the country, as we have coverage of the main cities as well as the smallest ones. The new facility features a whole new lab with all the technology and safety for both staff and products. It is certified by the main regulatory government organ in Colombia, which is the INVIMA, with all the necessary protocols of security and quality.

Tour of the facility

In addition to the production and logistics features, we have designed a dedicated path for tours to bring this experience closer to the customers. The tour includes several stages; explanation of the different processes like the production of compounding and dermo-cosmetic products, quality check, and packaging, to help visitors understand, verify and feel part of the process.

At the end of the tour, the visitors are invited into the showroom, which is an exclusive space for our main stars: our products. Here we highlight the new launches, the upgrades, new designs, and most importantly, our technology, our innovation, and our quality. With this experience, we represent Fagron around the world.

This is a new age, a new era, and an opportunity to keep creating and positioning the concept of personalized medicine, the new and empowered Fagron Colombia!