Formulary, a global initiative of Fagron, offers pharmacists and prescribers a broad range of customized formulas linked to the indications for which they can be prescribed. Prescribers can find an indication and formulas that suits the personal needs of the patient. Pharmacists can find customized formulas with the methods of compounding. Formulary represents a scientifically evidence-based selection of formulas for customized medication and is available free to all prescribers and pharmacists.

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Each formula in the Formulary can be found based on name, ingredients, vehicle, application, dosage form, or doctor’s specialty. By simply entering the desired keyword into the search bar, users can effortlessly discover a wide range of formulations that are directly relevant to their chosen word. In addition, each formula is available in two versions: one developed for pharmacies, providing compounding information, and another specifically designed for prescribers.

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