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Infinity Pharma NV was launched in 2019 as an innovative company in the pharmaceutical sector. We consist of a young and driven team that has breathed new life into ABC Chemicals, an established company since 2006. As an innovative player, we like to surprise our customers with a wide range of OTC brands and finished products with absolute added value. Since June 2021, we have merged with ACA Pharma and also offer a wide range of healthcare products.  

Sustainable cooperation with our customers and suppliers is central to this. We look for products with high quality and an innovative character and where possible, we opt for 100% natural. Because only nature can offer us the best for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Infinity Pharma NV
Venecoweg 20A
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We believe at Infinity Pharma, that the future of personalizing medicine is driven by providing qualitative healthcare products. Pharmex is a unique and wide range of care and assistance products that responds to the needs of every patient. With this range, we offer a solution for an increasingly elderly population and a growing need for home care. By distributing these products towards pharmacies, we make the products accessible and affordable for everyone.

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