Fagron Sterile Services US

Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS), is a top-tier DEA and FDA-registered 503B Outsourcing Provider, producing a reliable supply of high-quality sterile medications with cGMP compliant operations for patient-focused healthcare facilities across North America.

FSS’ team boasts operational and regulatory expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing and repackaging while leveraging industry-leading automation, advanced environmental monitoring, and sophisticated in-house quality testing labs.

Batches are validated to support proper Beyond-Use Dating (BUD) and only released after successful sterility, particulate matter, and potency testing are complete.

FSS offers a broad product portfolio across Critical Care, Ophthalmics, Pain Management, and other Specialty Presentations and holds Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) agreements within all major Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO).

North America
Fagron Sterile Services US
8710 E 34th St N
Wichita, KS 67226
United States
Phone number 1-877-405-8066

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Key facts and figures

Same-day shipping for committed customers strengthens the healthcare supply chain
Batches tested for sterility, particulate matter, and potency help support patient safety
Healthcare facilities in the US trust FSS to support millions of critical patient care moments

The Only Sterile Topical L.E.T. Gel

This topical anesthetic gel consisting of Lidocaine, EPINEPHrine, and Tetracaine is commonly used in conjunction with suturing patients in hospital emergency rooms, urgent care centers, pediatrician offices, or by other qualified health care providers.

• Conveniently offered in a pre-filled, ready-to-administer syringe
• Sterile quality you can trust (cGMP, CFR 210 & 211, compliant production)
• Extended product life with 150-day expiry dating
• No refrigeration required

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