Compounding Services

We cater to the outsourcing needs of pharmacies by supplying sterile and non-sterile products, which meet the specific needs of patients.

Pharmaceutical compounding

Pharmaceutical compounding is the design, development, production and marketing of personalized pharmaceutical products and it provides unique solutions for individual patients. The importance of pharmaceutical compounding lies in the fact that commercially available medications are limited by, for example, ingredient choices (dyes, preservatives), strengths, patient allergies, or dosage forms. Compounding can provide solutions to many of these problems via a collaboration between the pharmacist, physician, and patient. In addition, pharmaceutical compounding also offers a solution for patients who require medications that have been discontinued by drug manufacturers and helps patients who may be facing a supply shortage of their normal medications. It also allows a pharmacist and doctor to work together to create tailor-made medications, such as combination pain therapies or hormone replacement therapies, that are not commercially available.

Compounding services for pharmacies

Next to pharmaceutical raw materials and vehicles, Fagron began delivering non-sterile ready-to-dispense compounded medicine to pharmacies in order to support them further. At the same time, pharmacies, prompted by the increasingly stricter regulations and focus on quality and efficiency, are outsourcing their sterile compounding more and more. At Fagron, we cater to this need by also supplying sterile ready-to-administer medicines to hospital pharmacies in those countries where the regulations allow these activities. These sterile and non-sterile products, which meet the specific needs of patients, are categorized under the “Compounding Services” segment and are produced by Fagron in compounding facilities in Europe, the United States, Colombia, Israel, and South Africa. These personalized medicines are supplied to pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. Compounding Services uses the raw materials from Essentials and the vehicles from Brands for its compounding activities.