This is Fagron

Our values define what we are and what we aim to be.

Our purpose

Together we create the future of personalizing medicine


Together we enable pharmacists, prescribers, hospitals and industry to provide quality, safety and service for their patients.


We create value in healthcare by offering the entire range of products and services for compounding personalized medicine.

Personalizing medicine

Personalization of treatment to cover the individual patient's need through Pharmaceutical Compounding & Sterile Outsourcing Services. Increasing effectiveness, quality, safety and reduce healthcare cost.

Together we create Value


Personalizing medicine




Why we do it

Demographic Factors

A growing world population, increasingly higher life expectancy and ageing population.

It is Fagron’s focus to make and keep medicine available as widely and consistently as possible


Pharmaceutical Compounding allows pharmacist and prescriber to create medication that satisfies the individual needs of the patient.

Extending the range of mass-produced medication through personalization, together we can cater to every patient.


By personalizing medicine, they become accessible to even more people.

By keeping medication that is no longer offered commercially available and affordable for those who need them. By resolving (temporary) drug shortages through government issued requests.


We embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into the core of our organization.

Responsible use, protection and conservation of the natural environment.

Manage our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers responsibly & honorably.

Accurate and transparent towards our stakeholders, shareholders and hosting governments.

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How we do it


- Raw materials for Compounding (GMP repackaging)
- Packaging & Supplies


- Semi-finished products & Vehicles
- Laboratory equipment & Compounding software
- Pharmacogenomic testing

Compounding Services

- Sterile & non-sterile compounding
- Outsourcing for pharmacies & hospitals


- Training & education
- Studies, innovations & concepts


Together we create the future of personalizing medicine

Where we operate

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Compounding for growth

Global key healthcare contributor in brands and essentials

- Value creation at scale through global operational excellence
- Innovate in Pharmaceutical Compounding
- The future of medicine is personalized

Global key partner for sterile outsourcing services

- Innovate in Pharmaceutical Compounding
- The future of medicine is personalized