Fagron Foundation

The Fagron Foundation was established in 2012 to improve healthcare in a community and increase access to healthcare. The Foundation makes healthcare products and equipment available and asks for attention for healthcare for vulnerable patient groups.

Fagron Foundation Month 2022

Fagron is pairing up with Mercy Ships for the first Fagron Foundation Month. Together Mercy Ships and Fagron increase access to health care.

In November 2022 all Fagron Companies contribute to Mercy Ships. We will announce the total contribution on 5 December, World Volunteer Day. Each company will contribute by:

  • Raising awareness, or
  • Raising funds, or
  • Donating products.

About Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships provides free health care and community development projects in Africa from one of their two hospital boats which stay for 9 months in a harbor of an African country.

Via its hospital boat Mercy Ships:

  • Helps >12,000 people annually with six different types of surgeries (cleft lip, cataracts, tumor removal, reconstructive plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and female fistula repair).
  • Provides dental healthcare.
  • Builds medical infrastructure.
  • Trains medical professionals.

For more information about Mercy Ships, see their website.

Contribution of Fagron Companies

Each Fagron Company will contribute in a different way. More information per company will become available on this page during Fagron Foundation Month.

Any questions? Please contact us via ESG@fagron.com.