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Spruyt hillen believes that joint innovation is the only way forward in the pharmaceutical industry. In close cooperation we help pharmaceutical and medical professionals and organizations to always be prepared for the next step. We do this through the right and unique mixture of products, services, and concepts for specific target groups and  their needs. 

We will always put in maximum effort to go forward together with our clients, in a smarter way. 

Get a head start! 

It’s in our DNA to think ahead and to just do it. We respond to the latest trends and developments. We come up with the most innovative ideas or brilliant solutions… and realize them! Whether it’s about packaging, printing, technics, medical devices, or over-the-counter products, with Spruyt hillen you get a head start. That is why we have a surprising assortment for your pharmacy. We help you and give you a head start on your competitors. 

Together we keep on moving. Because you already have everything a patient would want or even what they have not even thought about yet. This way, they also get a head start, to a healthy lifestyle! 

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Key facts and figures

CountAirs® helping lung patients count medication
less ER visits


CountAir® is the first tool to count the number of doses left in a dose aerosol (inhaler). CountAir® has been developed especially for asthma and COPD patients who use an inhaler without a counting mechanism.

A few unique features of the CountAir®:

  • Insights in the amount of medication left in your inhaler
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable: tested and inspected in cooperation with pharmacists and patients
  • Fits almost every inhaler
  • Reusable
  • Prevents waste and unnecessary doctor’s visits
  • In accordance with guidelines for inhaled medications
  • Clearly legible display
  • Going out safe and confident
  • Dutch manufacture
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