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Parma Produkt is one of two leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Hungary. Parma Produkt specializes in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products, including raw materials, semi-finished goods, and registered medications. Moreover, since 2004, Parma Produkt has held the rare privilege of manufacturing and dispensing certain pharmaceutical products directly to patients. Parma Produkt has been responsibly and diligently serving Hungarian pharmacies, wholesalers, and various healthcare entities for over 27 years. Over the years, Parma Produkt Kft. introduced the Patikárium brand and has become a member of the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Association (MAGYOSZ).

Parma Produkt Kft.
H-145 Budapest Uzsoki u. 36/a.
Hungary Phone number +36 1 470 44 00 Email address

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PATIKÁRIUM is Parma Products own Brand build on a natural, herbal, phyto concept.

Our tea selection was developed with pharmaceutical expertise and the combined power of medicinal plants. The result: tested, high-quality tea herbs.

  • All our products in rinse are according to pharmacopeia quality
  • We have MONO and MIXED teas
  • Based on their packaging, they are convenient filter teas, also, tea bags in larger packages.