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Infinity Pharma is an innovative compounding pharmacy that goes the extra mile for your health. Our passion is to help and guide people towards a healthier life in every stage, with Lifestyle & Prevention at the core of our business. 

We combine our years of experience and expertise in our range of personalized care and go beyond standard solutions. We do this in close collaboration with doctors and specialists. We meet individual needs because every person is unique. We offer an opportunity for personalized advice based on your DNA profile. Our products meet the highest quality requirements, are safe to use and provided with good information. 

Infinity Pharma supplies a wide range of ready-to-use compoundings. We offer stock products and personalized compounding for one single individual.  

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TrichoTest™ compoundings

The most common type of hair loss, known as androgenetic alopecia, is hereditary. If left untreated, hair loss usually increases over time. The patented algorithms of Fagron TrichoTest™ provide a personalized treatment solution from 175 million therapeutic alternatives. With the Tricho formulations, Infinity Pharma is able to compound individual products using only the ingredients which are the most effective for the patient.

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