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Prevention is in our DNA. Infinity Pharma® has innovative solutions for health and personalized care. We deliver raw materials to compounding pharmacies and industries, always with quality, research, and technology. 

Infinity Pharma® works with health professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists with the purpose of providing a healthy future. Our portfolio has the best brands, especially recognized for its quality, security, and scientific studies that prove their effectiveness. 

We have a unique infrastructure and modern and adequate equipment for receiving, analyzing, fractioning, and distributing quality products. In 2017, we became the first company in the compounding market to meet the international standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). We have already met the Good Distribution and Fractionation Practices for Pharmaceutical Supplies (BPDF) established by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) in Brazil and with compliance with FDA standards, we once again guarantee credibility, safety, and quality in our processes and products.

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UC-II® is an all-natural patented undenatured type II collagen from chicken sternum cartilage. UC-II® has a unique mechanism of action and has been extensively studied in more than 10 years of research.

  • Widely used for the improvement of articular conditions, like arthritis
  • Clinically proven more than twice as effective as glucosamine + chondroitin in promoting comfort and flexibility during everyday activities such as walking up stairs
  • Approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and can be used for pets too
  • Only 40 mg a day and can be added to existing formulations
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