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ApodanNordic PharmaPackaging is an organization with highly educated employees with either pharmaceutical, technical, and/or commercial backgrounds. ApodanNordic PharmaPackaging is located in Copenhagen close to the airport, the bridge to Sweden, and in the center of Medical Valley in Denmark. ApodanNordic PharmaPackaging has more than 4.000 square meters of modern warehouse with fully automated barcode registration for traceability. ApodanNordic PharmaPackaging invests in a greener world by continuously optimizing production and distribution activities in order to reduce climate change.

Kigkurren 8M
DK-2300 Copenhagen Phone number +45 32 97 15 55 Email address packaging@apodanpharma.dk

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ApodanNordic PharmaPackaging is proud to be the first Nordic supplier of pharmaceutical and diagnostic packaging who was ISO 15378 certified. ISO 15378 specifies requirements for a quality management system for manufacturers of pharmaceutical and medical device primary packaging materials. ISO 15378 goes beyond the requirements of ISO 9001. It must e.g., be possible to trace batches. It is a requirement that risk management, validations, and controlled environmental conditions are met. ApodanNordic PharmaPackaging has been certified due to the company’s ability to demonstrate ability and consistency in meeting customer requirements, including regulatory requirements and international standards. - Meets the needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry - Meets International Standards identifying Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - Knows the importance of the safety of a patient using the medical product

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ApodanNordic PharmaPackaging is dedicated to offering customers a wide assortment of pharmaceutical packaging of high quality and holds a huge stock making it possible to deliver even large-scale orders in a quick manner. With ApodanNordic PharmaPackaging’s strategic placement of office and warehouse near the international airport and freight terminals for both sea and overland, transport is within easy reach providing optimal freight services to meet customers’ demand.