Compounding Matters

Compounding Matters, a global initiative of Fagron, offers the pharmacist and prescriber a broad range of customized formulas linked to the indications for which they can be prescribed. Prescribers can find an indication and formulas that suits the personal needs of the patient. Pharmacists can find customized formulas with the methods of compounding. Compounding Matters represents a scientifically evidence-based selection of formulas for customized medication and is available free to all prescribers and pharmacists.

New: Fagron TrichoConcept™
Fagron TrichoConcept™ is the first global line of multifunctional compounding vehicles with TrichoTech™ technology, a Fagron patented phytocomplex specially developed for the use in personalized alopecia treatment. The phytocomplex itself is associated with new hair growth by stimulation of the neogen phase (forming a new hair). The vehicles are widely used and supported by scientific evidence and are free of controversial ingredients.