Job functions

Together, we create the future of personalizing medicine. Want to be part of this journey? Bring in your expertise in one of our teams.

Legal, Mergers & Acquisitions

Fagron is a fast-growing company with a buy & build strategy. So, besides supporting the business with legal matters, the Legal and M&A Team is focused on helping us grow with new locations and business synergies.

Investor Relations

As a listed company on Euronext Brussels and Euronext Amsterdam, our investors relations team ensures our shareholders and the press always get a transparent look at Fagron’s performance, priorities, and plans.

Innovations and Pharma R&D

We develop our innovative concepts, vehicles, and formulations. Our innovations team works closely with pharmacists, physicians, and universities so our customers strive to personalize their patient’s care.

Supply Chain and Logistics

We understand that in Supply Chain and Logistics, everybody has an important role to play to get our products to the customer in time. Teamwork and Speed of execution are key when working in this team.

Software Development

The Tech team in Brazil is unique at Fagron and develops innovative digital solutions for pharmacists and prescribers.


Our talented sales team turns product innovations into sustainable client solutions. With excellent customer care, they are always ready to better understand and serve all customers from hospitals to local pharmacies.


Our in-house expertise, quality, and safety mechanisms ensure our products meet all the key standards. As Fagron is present in different markets our quality team guarantees we comply with all local regulations.

Information Technology

As a global Company with +70 locations, the IT Supply Team keeps us all connected securely, no matter how far we are apart. The IT Demand Team works at the intersection of IT and all our business processes.

Human Resources

The HR team finds, grows and enables our people to become the best version of themselves and have fun while doing it.

General Management

Our leadership team shapes and defines our purpose and empower our teams to reach their full potential. Their entrepreneurial and hands-on mentality is at the core of every decision they make.