Mypack™ provides the best packages solutions for the compounding market, industries, and laboratories. 

Everyday Mypack™ renews itself to provide innovation, sophistication, and high-quality packages for the customers, as a result, patients can be sure that the high-quality compounded formulation will achieve the goal together with a high-quality package. 

With an automated fractionation system and highly qualified logistical management system, which integrates information technology and speed of execution, we meet the requirements of all customers. 

Innovative products deserve innovative packaging.

Latin America
Centro Logístico Imigrantes РGalpão 13
Rua José Martins Fernandes 601
S√£o Bernardo do Campo – SP, 09.843-400

Phone: +55 11 5671 7611

Key facts and figures

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years providing packaging solutions in the Brazilian market

Packaging solutions

To stand out in the compounding market, consumers demand standardized packaging, with good resistance and high-quality. The variety of products in our portfolio allows each customer to find the perfect option for the most diverse applications. There are several models of packaging according to the needs of each customer.

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles
  • Airless
  • Topi-Click products
  • Pumps, packaging for strips and other accessories
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