Mission and Strategy

Fagron’s strategy is focused on optimizing and innovating personalized pharmaceutical care in order to widen the therapeutic options of prescribers worldwide. As the leading global company in pharmaceutical compounding, we are supporting the unique selling point of customized medication and improving patients’ quality of life.

Fagron focuses on innovative and high-quality products and concepts in the market for personalized medication. The company seeks to strengthen its leading position by realizing sustainable and profitable growth in its key regions Europe, North America and Latin America. Fagron intends to achieve this by growing organically as well as by making selective acquisitions that complement and expand the existing strengths of the company. 

Fagron is active in the following segments of pharmaceutical compounding:

  • Fagron Compounding Services: personalized ready-to-use medication that is prepared in Fagron’s sterile and non-sterile compounding facilities in Europe, North America, Latin America and South Africa.
  • Fagron Brands: innovative concepts, vehicles and formulations for pharmaceutical compounding that are developed by Fagron, often in close cooperation with prescribers, pharmacies and universities.
  • Fagron Essentials: pharmaceutical raw materials, equipment and supplies that pharmacists need in order to be able to prepare medication in the pharmacy.