Sonia's Case

Sonia's Case

Sonia (4 years) has recently been treated with antibiotics for a respiratory infection. Now she’s suffering painful white patches on the tongue, lips, palate and inner cheeks, which causes problems with eating and swallowing.

After consultation with her GP Sonia is diagnosed with thrush, a yeast infection in the mouth. To effectively help Sonia, her GP wants to treat Sonia with Ketoconazole and he asks his local pharmacist for an elegant method of administration for Sonia. He proposes to compound Ketoconazole lollipops (with strawberry flavor, her favorite).

The Challenge
Patient suitability: Because the yeast infection is all through her mouth a good spread-out of Ketoconazole is necessary for an effective treatment. Sonia is too young to cope with a fluid or gel to be kept in the mouth for a longer time.

Patient acceptance: Antimycotics do not have a pleasant taste, which is a challenge for Sonia’s case.

Patient accessibility: It is important that Sonia starts as soon as possible with her treatment. How to find a pharmacy that can compound lollipops so Sonia can start her treatment?

Unpleasant side effects: Sugars promote tooth decay. Proven stability: The stability of the API in a compounded product needs special attention. Lollipops tend to get sticky as well.

The Solution
With the focus on patient, prescriber and pharmacist, Fagron offers unique solutions that add significant value in the individualized treatment of patients with specific needs. Also for Sonia.

Patient suitability: A lollipop can provide in a highly acceptable solution to have a local treatment which will reach all buccal musoca.

Patient acceptance: Lollipops are taste-adjustable to camouflage bad taste and will comfort the parents by a solution that does not demand pushing children to take their medicine.

Patient accessibility: With Fagron Lollibase® the pharmacist can compound quick and easy a set of Ketoconazole lollipops. Lollibase® can be used with a broad variety of medication so the pharmacist can keep Lollibase® on stock for similar cases.

Unpleasant side effects: Fagron Lollibase® consists of only sugar-free, non-cariogenic, low calory ingredients, so therefore it is also a sustainable choice for children.

Proven stability: Because of its very low hygroscopicity and the fact Ketoconazole is only dispensed in its pure form the stability of Lollibase® lollipops can be guaranteed.

The Cure
Medication lollipops are a unique solution for unique patients.
Compounding with Lollibase® only requires suspending active pharmaceutical ingredients in melted Lollibase®, followed by moulding the lollipops in the special Fagron lollipop mold, similar to the way he compounds suppositories.

Sonia is going well after a few days. Twice a day her parents gave her her “special” lollipop. She enjoys the taste and the effect: she’s going to school again after her respiratory infection and tells everybody about her special medication.