Robert's Case

Robert's Case

Robert (60 years) is suffering neuropathic pain. His Visual Analogue Scale pain score is a 9/10. Robert describes his chronic pain as “pins and needles” and “as if body parts are like dipped in acid”. The pain is profoundly and negatively affecting Robert’s quality of life. Robert is unable to work, his chronic pain has become debilitating and his social life has been adversely affected.

The Challenge
Oral treatment with NSAIDs, anticonvulsants and antidepressants that Robert was treated with, are partly effective but produced intolerable side effects as intractable sedation, drowsiness and nausea. Also, Robert finds it unpleasant to take different pills several times a day. It is challenging not to forget one.

The Solution
With the focus on patient, prescriber and pharmacist, Fagron offers unique solutions that add significant value in the individualized treatment of patients with specific needs. Also for Robert.

The Cure
Amitriptyline 2%, Gabapentin 4% and Ketoprofen 10% in Pentravan®. Robert’s GP prescribes a transdermal cream with three drugs: Amitriptyline 2%, Gabapentin 4% and Ketoprofen 10% in Pentravan®.

The pharmacist easily compounds a vanishing transdermal cream that leaves no sticky residue. The transdermal administration of these drugs results in effective analgesic concentrations at the target site, while minimizing fast systemic peak concentrations. Thereby, risk of side effects is minimized. With each application, all three drugs are administered.

With the compounded Pentravan® cream, Robert’s pain is successfully controlled. His overall function and participation in activities increased. Robert is working again and he is enjoying more time with his friends.