Jane's Case

Jane's Case

Jane (51 years) visits her OB/GYN discouraged. She tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. Still she is feeling unrelenting fatigue and experiencing moodiness, weight gain, lack of libido, memory loss, troubled concentration, depression, hair loss and premature aging. After a few tests, her OB/GYN diagnoses a hormonal imbalance.

The Challenge
Jane has unsuccessfully been treated with antidepressants. Also did these antidepressants cause intolerable side effects. Her healthy lifestyle is not paying off either.

The Solution
With the focus on patient, prescriber and pharmacist, Fagron offers unique solutions that add significant value in the individualized treatment of patients with specific needs. Also for Jane.

The Cure
Estradiol 0.025%, estriol 0.2% and estrone 0.025% in Pentravan®. Jane’s OB/GYN chooses to treat her with bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT). A Tri-Est in Pentravan® transdermal cream is compounded for Jane by her pharmacist.

By using Pentravan®, the pharmacist easily compounds a vanishing transdermal cream that leaves no sticky residue. Jane can administer her hormones quickly and easy.

Soon after using the Tri-Est in Pentravan® cream, Jane feels more energetic and revitalised. Her weight is stable, she is not losing hair and her sexual life has improved significantly.