Hugo has androgenetic alopecia
Hugo, a 40 year old male, suffers from the most common form of hair loss in men: androgenetic alopecia. As a result of the gradual but progressive miniaturization of the hair follicles, Hugo experienced a substantial amount of hair loss in the past years. Due to the hair loss, Hugo is experiencing emotional distress. Read full story here
Isabella has alopecia areata
Isabella, a 35 year old female volleyball player, suffers from alopecia areata. As a result she recently started loosing her eyelashes and eyebrows. The eyelashes and eyebrows have a protective as well as an aesthetic function. Additionally, they also establish personal identity. During her competitive volleyball matches the sweat drips into her eyes which has a stinging effect. Read full story here
Laura has been struggling with the symptoms of mild psoriasis
Laura has been struggling with the symptoms of mild psoriasis for the past few years. She recently had an interview for a position as a flight attendant - her dream job. She visits her dermatologist to inquire about treating her symptoms with a more comfortable preparation than the one she already uses. Read full story here
Miquel has high blood pressure
Miguel (age three) has a genuine sweet tooth. She happily eats any treat her mother gives her. Last time they visited their family doctor, Miguel’s blood pressure was up in the 95th percentile for girls of her age. Today, the doctor checks her blood pressure again and diagnoses hypertension. He also tests for diabetes and wants to start Miguel on a dose of atenolol at 0.5 mg/kg/day. Read full story here
Josh has problems swallowing
Josh (35years old) is recovering from a Laryngeal cancer treatment. He’s doing well but he’s having problems swallowing solid food and medication. His wife is currently suffering a bad flue. Since Josh’s immune system is considered to be acquired after his cancer treatment his oncologist wants to prescribe Josh an oseltamivir treatment to prevent him from developing influenza as well. Read full story here
John is experiencing problems applying the product
A 30-year-old male patient, John, required a repeat prescription for minoxidil base 5%. He complained to his pharmacist, Mrs Johnson, about the dripping and greasiness of the previous preparation when applying the product on his scalp to treat his alopecia. Read full story here
Eric has a type III acne in the facial area
Eric, a 16-year-old male patient with type III acne manifesting especially in the facial area, approached dermatologist Dr Naftaniel. The inflammatory condition sometimes produced painful areas, particularly when the skin was dehydrated. But, more important, Eric was socially embarrassed. Read full story here
Sabine experiences a dehydrated skin
Sabine, a 40-year-old female patient with hyperpigmentation, required a prescription for hydroquinone 4% cream from her pharmacist, Simon Smith. She had been using this prescription for a long time and told Simon that she had recently started to experience dehydrated skin, which was vulnerable to winter conditions. Sabine asked him for advice on the best skin care option. Read full story here
Steve has an unpleasant dry skin feeling
Steve required a repeat prescription of benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin HCl 1% in a gel for his acne. He complained to his pharmacist, Mr Nguyen, about the amount of time needed to apply the two products and an unpleasant dry skin feeling after frequent use. Read full story here
Sophie is suffering from a severe skin itch
A mother approached dermatologist Dr Nelson with her daughter, Sophie, who was experiencing a relapsing atopic dermatitis. Sophie suffered from an itch, which caused scratching, rash and inflammation that affected sleep. Child and parents were desperate for relief and some sleep. Read full story here
Sonia could not swallow her medicine
Sonia (4 years) has recently been treated with antibiotics for a respiratory infection. Now she’s suffering painful white patches on the tongue, lips, palate and inner cheeks, which causes problems with eating and swallowing. Read full story here
Jane visits her OB/GYN discouraged
Jane (51 years) visits her OB/GYN discouraged. She tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. Still she is feeling unrelenting fatigue and experiencing moodiness, weight gain, lack of libido, memory loss, troubled concentration, depression, hair loss and premature aging. After a few tests, her OB/GYN diagnoses a hormonal imbalance. Read full story here
Robert is suffering neuropathic pain
Robert (60 years) is suffering neuropathic pain. His Visual Analogue Scale pain score is a 9/10. Robert describes his chronic pain as “pins and needles” and “as if body parts are like dipped in acid”. The pain is profoundly and negatively affecting Robert’s quality of life. Robert is unable to work, his chronic pain has become debilitating and his social life has been adversely affected. Read full story here
Eva is spitting up and crying after feeding
Eva (2 years) is frequently spitting up and crying after feeding and her parents notice weight loss. After consultation with her pediatrician Eva is diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). To effectively help Eva, her pediatrician wants to treat Eva with omeprazole. Read full story here