Pharmaceutical compounding

In 2015, Fagron has transformed itself from a company that is only active in compounding to a leading player in the field of pharmaceutical compounding. Pharmaceutical compounding is the design, development, production and marketing of personalized pharmaceutical products. This means that the pharmaceutical compounding product can be customized via for instance an alternative dosage form, an alternative dosage strength or combination therapy.

The pharmaceutical compounding products are produced in pharmacies or by GMP outsourcing facilities based on scientific pharmaceutical knowledge. Besides compounding, where Fagron has focused on for the past 25 years, pharmaceutical compounding also includes admixture and ready to administer activities. Admixture means the mixing of two or more drugs while ready to administer means preparing a drug so it can be administered to a patient.

Pharmaceutical compounding offers a lot of benefits, not only for patients but also on quality and efficiency. For instance, pharmaceutical compounding enhances medication compliance and saves lives by providing lesser side effects, because it is customized to the patients’ needs. Pharmaceutical compounding offers also a solution in the situation of drug shortages. Pharmaceutical compounding products can also be a solution to new and unavailable therapeutic needs.