Terms of use

Tailor-made care recognizes that each patient is unique. Thanks to our 45 researchers and over 200 pharmacists located on five continents, extensive experience, state-of-the-art technologies and full focus on pharmaceutical compounding, Fagron is leading in discovering and developing innovative pharmaceutical compounding concepts to treat patients. Fagron develops innovative administration vehicles, such as creams, ointments and transdermal bases, ready-to-use compounding kits and other pharmaceutical solutions and concepts that are used by prescribers, pharmacists and patients worldwide.

With SyrSpend® SF, Fagron enables pharmacists to efficiently prepare stable oral liquid dosage forms. The SyrSpend® SF vehicles are formulated to be free of harmful and controversial ingredients (according to WHO, EMA, FDA and ANVISA guidelines) for maximum patient safety. Because of their innovative design, the SyrSpend® SF vehicles are highly suitable for even the most vulnerable patient groups, such as neonates, children, the elderly and people with dietary restrictions.

Fagron performs physical and chemical stability studies on SyrSpend® SF in collaboration with independent, GLP and ISO9001 certified laboratories, audited by our Global Quality Department (GQM). The results of these stability studies are made available in statements that are available at all Fagron locations worldwide.

Although a great deal of effort has been spent to ensure the accuracy of the content of these statements, no claims are made as to the use, safety, efficacy or bioavailability of mentioned formulations. The content of these statements cannot be construed as (medical) advice, recommendation or opinion. Medical professionals, doctors and compounding pharmacists using these statements are advised to do so solely if appropriate in their own professional opinion and judgment. Fagron does not accept and cannot be held responsible or liable in any case for the information contained herein.