SyrSpend® SF is quick and easy to compound with and provides pharmaceutical stability and dosage consistency with each preparation. Its light texture, safe ingredients and neutral taste results in treatment that is comfortable and is easy to swallow for all patient groups, from neonates to the elderly.
SyrSpend® SF Convenience Packs offer a safe and convenient solution for the efficient preparation of suspensions. The two-step compounding process quickly delivers an accurate and palatable suspension to your patient. All the equipment required for administration is included.
The Packs contain SyrSpend® SF (dry, for reconstitution) in a validated dispensing container, pre-weighed API powder, oral syringe, tip extender, press-in bottle adapter and compounding instructions.
Benefits of SyrSpend® SF Convenience Packs
  • Compounding Packs for maximum efficiency
  • Contain SyrSpend® SF and pre-weighed API to make 100 or 200 ml suspensions
  • Allow for easy compounding in the dispensing container
  • Proven chemical, physical and microbiological stability
  • Accuracy and consistency in dosing due to the starch-based active suspending technology
  • Easy to swallow and taste-masking with a pleasant sweet taste
  • Free of sugar, alcohol, gluten, colorants, parabens, preservatives or other harmful or controversial ingredients


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