Fagron has worked closely with specialists and suppliers to develop and introduce a new concept that incorporates an extensive range of equipment and materials for the Aseptic Compounder. We call this our FAST Concept.

Benefits of the FAST Concept:

  • developed to save time, save costs and save laboratory space
  • uniquely combines compounding equipment including pumps, accessories, consumables and bulk infusion bags in one single concept from a single supplier
  • helps reduce time-consuming repetitive manual operations, RSI, and the opportunity for human error
  • leading-edge, minimum footprint, lightweight single and multiple channel closed system volumetric pumps  for aseptic filling of syringes, vials, elastomeric pumps and parenteral nutrition (TPN)
  • easily-available essential innovative accessories and consumables, including:
    - tube sets
    - TPN bags
    - transfer sets for gravity filling
    - filters, connectors and spikes
  • combined with our revolutionary dual-compartment Fagron Aseptic Pack (FAP) infusion bags, the FAST concept is without competition.

Fast, Accurate, Sterile and on Time. Making life easier and more efficient for the Compounder and ultimately much better and safer for the Patient.
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