Documents (MSDS & CoA)

To go further in meeting our customers’ needs, Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and technical specifications are available for all our products online or upon request.

Name CAS. no. Item no. Lot no. Download file (PDF)
Caster oil, virgin 25554 13A07-C02 EN
Hydrochloric acid, concentrated 25565 13A07-C03 EN
Hydrogen peroxide soluion 3 per cent 25570 12L20-C01 EN
Hydrogen peroxide solution 3 per cent 25570 12G30-C01 EN
Camfor spirit 25571 13B27-C02 EN
Racemic Camphor 25573 11B16-C01 EN
Phenacetin 25586 12J08-C01 EN
Ethanol 70 modified FR 25587 12H14-C01 EN
Ethylacetate 25590 13A15-C02 EN
Hydrochloric acid, dilute 25603 13A07-C07 EN
ACETIC ACID 80 PER CENT 25607 12D27-C01 EN
Acetic Acid 6 per cent 25607 12F13-C01 EN
Alcohol ketonated 70 per cent 25609 12H03-C02 EN
Alcohol ketonated 70 percent v-v 25609 13D04-C02 EN
Xylene 25612 12H24-C03 EN
Phenol liquified 25614 12C23-C01 EN
Sulfuric acid 25614 13C26-C01 EN
Ethanol (96 per cent) 25617 13C12-C01 EN
Ethanol 96 per cent 25617 12J02-C01 EN
Ethanol 96 per cent 25617 13A07-C01 EN
Collodion 25621 12D24-C02 EN
Collodion 25621 12D24-C03 EN
Collodion 25621 12E11-C01 EN
Collodion 25621 12L03-C01 EN
Collodion 5 per cent + castor oil, virgin 2 per cent 25622 13D08-C01 EN