Documents (MSDS & CoA)

To go further in meeting our customers’ needs, Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and technical specifications are available for all our products online or upon request.

Name CAS. no. Item no. Lot no. Download file (PDF)
Beclometason diprop. anh. mic. 519975 19J02-F03-369243 DE, EN, FR, NL
Maydis amylum 520276 20B18-F01-371794 DE, EN, FR, NL
Acidum ascorbicum pulv. 520810 20E18-F02-371613 DE, EN, FR, NL
GLUCOSE MONOHYDRATE 25 kg 12-10-015 20G30-H10-00809 EN
WITEPSOL H15 20 kg 12-10-358 20G30-H11-00067 EN
TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 5 G 12-10-388 20G30-H05-00281 EN
TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 10 g 12-10-456 20G30-H04-00281 EN
EOSINE SODIUM 10 g 12-10-712 20G31-H03-00022 EN
GABAPENTIN 10 G 12-10-775 20G30-H03-00425 EN
EOSINE SODIUM 25 G 12-10-880 20G31-H02-00022 EN
EOSINE SODIUM 100 G 12-11-311 20G31-H01-00022 EN
VERSATILE 100 G 15-00-050 20G29-H10-00456 EN
VERSATILE 50 G 15-00-089 20G29-H11-00456 EN
Betamethasoni valeras micr. 500076 20E14-F02-371677 DE, EN, FR, NL
Polysorbatum 80 500586 20E11-F01-372293 DE, EN, FR, NL
Glutathionum 500831 20G15-F07 DE, EN, FR, NL
Alcohol cetylicus 501494 20G09-F01 DE, EN, FR, NL
Alcohol cetylicus 501494 20G16-F05 DE, EN, FR, NL
Acidum folicum hydricum 501498 20G03-F03 DE, EN, FR, NL
Sorbitani sesquioleas 501806 20D23-F89 DE, EN, FR, NL
Natrii laurilsulfas pulv. 506410 20F02-F03-372051 DE, EN, FR, NL
Metformini hydrochloridum 509417 20E01-F05-371843 DE, EN, FR, NL
Methylcellulosum 1500 mPa.s 509513 20F05-F05-372280 DE, EN, FR, NL
Polysorbatum 80 509539 20E11-F01-372295 DE, EN, FR, NL
Polysorbatum 80 509540 20E11-F01-372296 DE, EN, FR, NL